Are Green H2 + Whitegold Lithium really good for Brazilians?

Are Green H2 + Whitegold Lithium really good for Brazilians?


In recent months, we have been bombarded daily by various articles and, so-called, supposedly serious studies/diagnoses (most of them, clearly, from business and/or government and/or consultancy lobbies, perhaps much more in search of investors/financing banks/funds/ consultants/unwary voters etc.), but everyone is looking for fantastic, if possible sustainable and at least renewable/so-called clean ways to produce – without risks and with low costs and high efficiency – the famous truly green/sustainable vehicular hydrogen (Green H2), in other words , to continuously produce electricity in the internal vehicle hydrogen cell (without the need for giant batteries or repeated recharging at sockets). 

 Obviously, I'm not here analyzing plug-in rechargeable electric vehicles – current and future –, the so-called “Hardwired EV”. Also, I will not analyze the “PHEV” or “plug in” hybrid vehicles, both types of which are already well known and debated. Idem, I will not comment here about vehicles powered by petroleum derivatives or other fuels, described as dirty and unsustainable, because they have already been proven to be the main cause - not the total solutions - for the very high current levels of atmospheric pollution (not so much degradation). 

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